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First, let us thank you for considering our space for a performance. Due to the high volume of booking inquiries we receive, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our booking process below. For more detailed information or to continue this process, please complete the form below. If you are looking for a private event rental, please read below and send us an email. Thank you!


Simply put, available dates are limited. We usually host one or two events each week (fewer than we did before the pandemic), usually on Wednesday or Thursday nights. We limit the number of events we produce in an effort to not overextend our audiences (and avoid burnout!).

Genre Preferences

We make every effort to curate an eclectic calendar of events, and seek acts that suit a listening room environment. Acoustic-based musical acts are a natural fit, and we host a lot of folk/Americana/old-time music. We also host the occasional electric, full band outfit. In these cases, we'll need to see examples of the group's ability to play with dynamics that suit the room. We also love to host Jazz, Hip Hop, experimental and classical music performances. Lastly, we're always looking for talented comedians, poets, filmmakers, puppeteers and other performance artists.

We try to keep an open mind to all types of performances, but are also careful to only present acts that work well in an intimate space like ours.

Financial Arrangements

In general, there are two ways we handle finances for events. The first is a door split (of ticket sales) between the venue and the artist. The second is a flat rate rental (more common for private events).

We seat around 60 in our listening room. Our standard ticket price for performances is about $20. Our standard door split is 75% of ticket sales to the artist (after $50 in venue expenses). We occasionally offer a modest guarantee vs. %, more often if we've worked with an act before.


As a rule, The Robin provides a sound engineer and door person for shows we produce. Our stage measures about 16" across and 10" deep. Our PA includes a channel box on stage, two main speakers, a sub-woofer, two monitor mixes and a 12-channel digital mixer. We also provide D.I. boxes, mics and stands as needed.

Show Format

Most music shows we produce feature a single act performing a 75-minute set. We occasionally host twin-bill shows or add an intermission. We don't often have space to 'add an opener' to a bill.


We draw primarily from the Greater Lansing area, with a bit of pull from Grand Rapids, Metro Detroit and Northern Michigan. But, we don't want to limit our artists ability to tour the region. Our usual radius clause is 60 days on either side of the date, within 50 miles of Lansing. That means your Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor or Detroit shows are no problem for us.


We're a listening room. No bar on site, no kitchen. But, the REO Town neighborhood is social district, which means our patrons can grab a drink from one of the local bars and BYOB to the venue.

One Last Note

We come from a performing arts background, and know that booking is a challenging process for artists. We think you deserve to know all the details, and at minimum, deserve a response to your inquiries. If we can't help with a booking, we hope you can appreciate that there are a lot of factors at play here. It's not uncommon for us to have to pass on an act we like, just because one of the pieces doesn't fit. Still, it never hurts to reach out. We take great care with each show we produce, and are always looking for the next special artist to work with. Looking forward to hear from you!

Dylan Rogers

Owner, Booking Agent

Booking Request Form

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